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Sites :

  • Aardvark - Tap the knowledge of people in your network
  • AllExperts
  • ChaCha - Questions and answers powered by people and in real time
  • Delver - Search your world
  • Ketady
  • Hunch - Decision help search engine
  • Je Sais Tout
  • kgb answers - General knowledge Q&A
  • Oyogi - Strives to empower people to seek and find other human beings who may have the expertise and knowledge to answer their questions
  • Rollyo
  • Speegle - Speak perfect web search (a voice gives the results)
  • Squidoo - Everyone's an expert on something
  • Subjex
  • Yahoo Answers - Yahoo! Answers is a place where people ask each other questions on any topic, and get answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences
  • Yoono
  • Wink - Search the web powered by people
  • Wondir - To connect people who have information needs with the people and information that can help them
  • Zniff



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